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MNA Investment Group Company

About MNA Group

Meshary AlAli group (MNA GROUP) is a start-up with Real estate development establishment 2005, construction establishment 2014, and Contracting & Trading 2015, located in West coast, Jeddah city. The group plans to build a strong market position in the Saudi Arabia, starting from Jeddah, Madinah and Riyadh, due to the partners' industry experience and mild competitive climate in the area.
MNA aims to offer its products and Servicing at a competitive price to meet the demand of the middle-to higher-income local market area residents by our 4 sectors REAL Estate Development, Constructions, Contraction and Trading. All the four secttors work togater to produce one products “Dream homes for Saudi Citezens and forginer living in Saudi Arabia”


In 2005 MNA Real Estates establishment belong 100% to Meshary AlAli, the scope of work in that time was in small scale an broker, such as “real estate sales lands, apartments and rental homes, shops, apartments and such other things. After 10 years in Saudi Market we decided to work in big scale in 2015 with efficiency and effectively vision, based on that we established MNA for construction, Contracting & Trading 2015 to assist MNA Real estate to produce an excellent and new product to the Market.

Goals and Objectives

Looking forward to reaching to an effective practice and ability to develop the projects with international standers and professional style and that to achieve:

Short term goals:

1. Development of advantage valuable projects with the high quality considering lowest risk rates.
2. Being an opportunist to takeover investments in the industrial, logistics, housing units and hospitality projects to combine mixed uses projects.
3. Maximizing the revenue for the stakeholders and the investors.

Long term goals:

1 . Developing perfect and attractive investment solutions for the investors and developers and uses creative recourses and methods for funding and reforming.
2. Creation of powerful strategic alliances and partnerships with partners that value-add over the company’s projects .
3 . Adopting international standers for the social responsibility.
4. Continuous reviews and researches for income generating substitute activities."

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Feel free to email us to provide any information of our work,
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Tel : 92 000 3851
Prince Sultan Rd, Jeddah, Kingdome Saudi Arabia