Our CSR Strategy

Our CSR Strategy

There is no doubt that reading social responsibility policies for companies is great, but we believe that actions speak louder than words. We in MNA realize that building a well-defined strategy and specific goals are the first step to bring about real change. That is why our objectives focus on three key aspects.


MNA dealing with stakeholders in the region, companies in most cases B2B but inthe same time dealing with little people B2C. We recognize the importance of our responsibility and the need to exploit this prestigious position in the advancement of society, especially when it comes to social education for the field of construction, real estate, mining, geology, and how to handle the waste of resources and how to exploit, in the kingdom aimed at our projects to increase the level of awareness of individuals and encourage them to choose the best products or specialized companies for the work of their homes, their businesses, Mines, licenses or their mining license.

The Environment

This planet that we all live in is the most expensive and most precious resources. We make effort to ensure that our resources are managed efficiently and effectively, through the promotion of sustainable practices and the application of the highest standards of safety and reduce the consumption of energy resources at homes and how to exploit the long exclusion of raw materials without any environmental damage.

Sector and Staff

We are committed to improving the communities in which we operate and raise it to become better places and the most important aspect of achieving this objective is the employment of persons with expertise and training the best talents.