History of MNA Investment Group

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MNA Investment Group had a simple start back in 2006 as a small establishment specialized in real estate development and marketing field and with a limited capital back then the scope of the real estate marketing was in the Western region only, especially at Jeddah and the holy city Makkah,the most factor hampering the growth in that time was the total reliance onreal estate marketing and the limited supply and demand for commercial housing, buildings and lands, which restricts the growth of the establishment in the early years, butlater on the economic factors has helped growth and advancement againwhich led to the increment of liquidity for the group as a key resource to invest later. Where the following years have seen a serious and continuous work, where resulted in dedication for further growth and progress which was followed by further expansion and diversification of investments, and of course we have faced strong competition in the beginning from major global and international companies that perform the same activity in the local market, but our concern is always to identify the needs of the domestic market, which build up confidence of investors and partners to participate, and we succeed in managing our investment implementing better possible growth. Today,and after almost 11 years of continuous work, we promise investors that we will work with all of our possibilities and resources to satisfy them and to promote confidence and always should be the spectrum to achieve sustained profits to strengthen partnership truth which requires from our religion and our values that we set them, these principles are the foundation upon which we build our future success.