Mission & Vision

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Companies and institutions continue to thrive when developing a strategic plan and clearly define vision and specific goals. MNA Investment Group aims to empower and inspire and provide strategic direction for our companies, partners, customers and our employees through supportive programs and core values. Each employee in the group, starting from the CEO and founder to the employee who is taking first steps in his or her career, played a pivotal role in the implementation of this vision to turn it into reality.


We are a business run for people, by people. That is a message that MNA Investment Group seeking to leave a positive impact on society and achieves profits and drive growth through strategic investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Nigeria, and Australia. We intend to increase our focus in the near future in the key sectors of our work (Mining and Real estate development) by increasing our investments in the relevant sectors gradually and then take advantage of these funds to enter new markets and begin working in the other categories of higher-value products. At the operational level, our goal is to gradually move toward new model where our companies and our brands a greater degree of autonomy. We can accomplish this by providing strategic guidance and specialized expertise for our companies to grow and achieve success, and then, it will be possible to focus on the development of marketing plans for products and brands to enhance the consumer loyalty in every country.

"Our goal is to add value for investors, employees and the society at the same time."